The Oilman Dinner

The OilMan Dinner is made possible by the active participation of the main players in the Nigerian oil and gas scene, namely NNPC, our host company and the various major oil companies in active joint venturism with NNPC viz: SPDC, ExxonMobil,  Agip, etc

For decades, we have worked at a tangent, each with their partnership with the host company, NNPC, and unwritten and unspoken rivalry with each other. With the direction the future of oil is heading, the OilMan Dinner is an attempt to bring the big and key players together. To form symbiotic relationships and actively work on the way forward.


The role of Century Group

Though heavily invested and active in the oil and gas industry, CG is also looking ahead to a post oil world and ways in which the OilMan will not only remain relevant, but be in a position to drive the post oil world, under a different set of dynamics and possibly, under a different title.

CG is continuously innovating, inventing and reinventing itself. While the oil and gas industry has been a blessing, CG exists in a world that is also constantly evolving and revolving; ever in a stage of change and improvement. CG aims to remain relevant at the cusp of the ever changing, ever unfolding scene.. This will be achieved through a proactive control of the present, the future and destiny.

CG intends to carry the OilMan along into this certain and bright post-oil future.

The role of GPI

Global Performance Index (GPI) is a business solution software developed by Century Group to prepare individuals and businesses for the unfolding economic landscape, with Nigeria as its initial focus.

At the core of GPI is the intrinsic drive for promoting the creation and distribution of value through the enhancement of productivity, performance and integrity; by using technology specifically, artificial intelligence, for mutual value to all stakeholders.

With GPI, the post oil future holds better promises than the oil-prosperous past and uncertain present. The driving force is the vision for the emergence of a world where objective decision making is the norm and results are as predicted.

GPI is versatile in that it can be utilised by individuals for self-assessment and awareness as well as by establishments to know and better train and equip their human resources.

With GPI, genuine forecasts and plans can be made by the industry for the future and role of the OilMan in the post oil future. It was designed to speedily and efficiently grant access to world class learning solutions on a very large scale. Thus, enlarging the scope of learning, birth of new and specific technologies and round the clock monitoring and support services. The solution is engineered to identify and engage the best resource persons required for forecasting and determining the future role, relevance and function of the OilMan..

Through GPI, a new generation of the OilMan will be raised. He will continue to be relevant and genuinely create value that will keep him at the head at all times.

GPI is a vehicle through which we can build a participatory culture of learning, among the Oil players, for the monitoring, measurement, appreciation and protection of value among stakeholders by ensuring that they continually create, collaborate and share for the inspiration of a productive and relevant future generation.